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Barry Goss

Co-Founder & Publisher

This proposed opening isn't exactly as tightly-defined as it could be... for NOW. Initially (until I can mold something around the 'right' person), here's the best way I can describe this:

I'm looking an entrepreneurial-minded researcher / writer / opportunity-investigator all wrapped-up around a natural project (content) manager.

In short, I'm looking for a person with multi-varied online / content talents who also has the leadership skills to potentially help grow our investment and wealth-building research company.

For now, the broad title will be this: ;)

Title: Content Do-It-All'er

Again, we can talk... but, just know these are the only 'off the top of my head' prerequisites I have for that conversation to occur:

Prerequisites: For an exploratory call with me

  • Ooze passsion for the M4 brand and vision.
  • Witty and quippy creative writer with a love for finances, investing, business opportunities.
  • Grade-A hustler.
  • Never ending intellectual curiosity.
  • A natural competitive-edge to always operate ABOVE mediocrity (i.e. this clip has to make sense to you).
  • You’re a self-starter, disciplined, and excellent with deadlines.


Pay can be negotiable for the right candidate; but it will ideally be based on an initial monthly retainer, then transitioned into an equity offering in M4 Research, LLC

Next Steps...

If you’re interested, please feel out these fields with information about yourself: